Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 1: Intro to Change

Making change in education is much more than just having cool technologies.  It involves identifying a need, building a vision, engaging the population, building capacity and creating a learning culture that will evaluate and develop itself as it grows to fulfil the vision.

But how do we to this?  What is the process of leading change in education? What does it take to develop a vision and engage your population?  How do you build capacity?  What does it take to nurture the culture?

This class will examine those questions.  We will explore the forces that change leaders must consider and then see how they fit in the educational realm. 

Use the Force(s)
To begin, I would like you to begin by reading introducing yourself to change through James Ellsworth's book, Surviving Change.  Here is a FREE Eric version (.pdf) of the book that you can use for this course.  If you prefer the printed version (it IS a good book to have if you are interested in making change in your school), you can print the .pdf version or purchase it from Amazon for about $10. 

Read the Forward, Intro and Chapters 1 & 2.  This will provide you with a good basis for our initial class session.

I have removed the videos from this week's assignment.  We will watch them for next week.

This July session should be a wonderful 4 weeks.  

Let's make some change!!